Strengthening intercultural understanding through the arts…

Farnham Maltings continues many of the key projects developed by Visiting Arts through it’s international programme.


Since 1977, Visiting Arts has worked with some of the world’s most innovative emerging contemporary artists in programmes that foster understanding and compassion between cultures through international artistic exchange, and engage and inspire young people, communities and future professionals. Visiting Arts became an independent charitable organisation in 2001, focusing on three main strands of work involving information and knowledge sharing, artistic and professional development, and bridging connections for artists and cultural professionals.

Visiting Arts associates represent some of the most experienced and diverse cultural operators in the UK and beyond, cultivated over decades of support to the sector. Working with a range of partners including the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, Gulbenkian Foundation and Ministries of Culture across the globe, Visiting Arts has conducted research around international cultural leadership including trends in and barriers to international working and needs analysis.


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“Visiting Arts through my career has picked me up and given me wonderful insights to artists and cultures round the world, most recently in an unforgettable trip to Iran. They have changed my world…” Ruth Mackenzie CBE, Artistic Director

“In my experience Visiting Arts plays a key role in promoting and supporting cultural understanding and collaboration in increasingly innovative ways. Its small team is skilled and knowledgeable and the organisation is “light on its feet”…” Jodi Myers, independent arts consultant

“Visiting Arts has been crucial to us at Hay and to many of my colleagues in nurturing global perspectives. It should be called taste-crazing, ideas-mashing, thrill-blending, stranger-mating, mind-opening arts…” – Peter Florence, Director, Hay Festivals

“I have over many years found Visiting Arts to be a really constructive and productive organisation to work with. I have done so in many different contexts, ranging from support for research and development of incoming exhibitions, through being able to capitalise on incoming touring work, to benefitting from the attention brought by visiting curators and critics. It seems to me that Visiting Arts has really done a lot in nurturing and promoting international contact, often from ‘hard to reach’ communities around the world, and often in a really positive relationship to work with British diaspora communities. This has enabled real bridges to be built between organisations, international perspectives and local communities. I also think that Visiting Arts has done a terrific amount to ensure that incoming international cultural projects and personalities move beyond London and the obvious centres. This has been really beneficial in affirming the goals of organisations and communities in having local roots reinforced and challenged, as appropriate, by international perspectives. There is great potential for this to continue into the future, and I hope to be able to develop the work with visiting Arts in our plans. ” – Michael Tooby, Cyfarwyddwr, Dysgu, Rhaglennau a Datblygu, Amgueddfa Cymru/ Director, Learning, Programmes and Development, National Museum Wales