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Skills gaps, meeting international partners, and funding of creative businesses in Africa and Trinidad & Tobago

Late last year, Visiting Arts along with the Africa Center and the Ministry of Arts and Multiculturalism for Trinidad and Tobago conducted a survey of the regions where we are working for our project Culture Works Connections. Below we have a shared a summary of key results from respondents across sub-saharan Africa and Trinidad and Tobago.

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1mile2 Bradford - Gohar Dashti


GOHAR DASHTI Profile - guest edited by Kelly Carmichael
The latest in a series of innovative residencies sees Iranian photographer Gohar Dashti head to Bradford in the north of England for four weeks from late January 2011. Part of Visiting Arts’ 1mile² ( programme, her residency is supported by City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council and DCMS. While in residence at Impressions Gallery, Dashti will collaborate with ecologist Charlie Gray and lead a photographic mapping project with Bradford’s local community.



International Mobility


VA's European Information Officer, Christoph Jankowski talks about International mobility matters for the development of culture, creativity and best practise at home and abroad. First published in ArtsProfessional 221, 5 July 2010.

Working internationally



Tom Porter reflects on the WCC Creative Skills programme in Africa

Tom Porter, Lead Trainer for the WCC Creative Skills programme in Africa, shares his reflections on the intensive workshop sessions, which took place through November 2015, as the creative evaluate their work and start to plot their next steps…

“My experience of training for WCC enabled me to reconnect with creative entrepreneurs working at the forefront of the creative scenes in Malawi and Ethiopia. As is always the case in these situations, I learnt more than I taught, and I listened more than I spoke.



Malawi welcomes WCC Creative Skills

 The selected participants for the WCC Creative Skills training programme in Lilongwe, in partnership with the Africa Centre, took part in a comprehensive and insightful workshop series from 17-19th November 2015 at MHub with Mary Helen Young of Visiting Arts and Lead Trainer Tom Porter of Lake of Stars, as well as the assistance of lead contact for Malawi, Michael Phoya.



WCC Creative Skills launches in Ethiopia

WCC Creative Skills training programme for artists and creative practitioners has launched in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in partnership with the Africa Centre. The successful participants were initiated into the programme with an intensive workshop session from 11-13 November 2015 with Mary Helen Young of Visiting Arts and Lead Trainer Tom Porter of Lake of Stars, as well as the assistance of lead contact for Ethiopia, Abel Asrat