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Excellent Feedback for VA’s role as UK Cultural Contact Point

Visiting Arts received positive reviews from the European Commission Executive Agency for Education, Audiovisual and Culture for our role as the official UK Cultural Contact Point from 2010 to 2013, advising UK organisations on the EU Culture programme and Creative Europe.



Creative Europe briefing note December 2013

Our final publication for the UK Cultural Contact Point (hosted by VA from 2010-2013) was this comprehensive briefing note on the new priorities for Creative Europe, and changes from the previous Culture programme. We highlighted:

Creative Europe briefing note December 2013.pdf590.37 KB

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Article from VA on Guardian Cultural Professionals Network

Article from Yvette Vaughan-Jones and the UK Cultural Contact Point: Why don't more UK arts, culture and heritage organisations apply to the EU Culture programme? And are things looking up for Creative Europe? Comments welcome on the blog:

Cultural contact point

working internationally


Tips for approaching UK producers and presenters: Theatre & Dance

Part of our series of helpsheets which are useful starting points for anyone planning to present arts in the UK

tips_theatre_dance.pdf35.08 KB

working internationally


Funding from other agencies

There are a limited number of public funding agencies that have specific programmes to support international work, residencies and exchanges. However it is sometimes possible to apply to broader funding programmes for international work. Here is a brief guide to public funding agencies in the UK, indicating specific international funding programmes where they exist.

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Funding From UK Arts Councils

Funding from UK Arts Councils Here is a brief guide to public funding provided by the four Arts Councils of the UK that can possibly support overseas work.