1mile2 Delhi 2011

1mile² Delhi 2011

In February, artists Ackroyd & Harvey travelled to India to participate in 1mile² Delhi 2011. Their first opportunity to work in India was informed by a desire to search out spaces for public interactions and create work in a direct response to place both through living public artworks and photosynthesis portraits.

Images and text courtesy of the artists.



"It is not possible for us to separate our work at Khoj from the greater experience of being in New Delhi, a city that defies any easy categorization. It is utterly unto itself - a wild rickshaw ride of a land, where the human ferment of life strikes boldly and vividly. Ascending from the 21st century gleaming architectural prowess of the recently installed Metro onto the mud-strewn writhing streets of Chandi Choak was eye-opening and bewildering. A day spent celebrating Holi covered from head to toe with coloured pigment, soaked to the skin under a clear blue sky, pierced our imagination. The project was remarkable, a really great experience for us all and we feel very strongly we would like to return to India at some point."

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