1mile2 Guelph

1mile² Guelph 2011 brings together international, Canadian and Guelph artists with community participants, activists, leaders, architects, facilitators, designers and creative researchers. Using collaborative processes, the artists will explore the limits of the built and natural environments of a square mile of downtown Guelph around St. George's Square.

Taking place between March and November, the project will involve artists Mary Mattingly (New York), Adrian Blackwell (Toronto), atelier d’architecture autogérée (Paris), Dawn Matheson (Guelph), Pedro Reyes (Mexico City), SYN — atelier d’exploration urbaine (Montréal), DodoLab (Waterloo), Lucia Babina (Rotterdam), and Marjetica Potrc (Ljubljana).

1mile² Guelph is delivered in partnership with Musagetes.



Image: Model for Public Space © Adrian Blackwell

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