200 Voices


Anna Sherbany

In “Empty Gestures” the ritual becomes a visual marker of what remains common to all people.

The singularity of the gesture is poetic as well as powerful. The increasing value of water is measured by its absence. 

The movement of the hands becomes a metaphor for human resilience.

The video is projected onto water in a bowl standing on a plinth. The viewer is encouraged to “disturb” the surface of the water.

Anna Sherbany is a London based visual artist and lecturer. She lectures in Europe and the Midle East and her artwork has been exhibited internationally. In her work Anna probes and explores themes of memory, migration and (dis)location, through interaction and engagement with people. Using image, film and sound, she produces photographic works and mixed media installations, exploring the relationship between wall/screen, space and audience, seeing the gallery as a formative part of the work and actively engaging the viewer. The installations are about revelation rather than interpretation.


Empty Gestures video installation 2009 Group exhibition “End Game – Blue Gold” Darb 1718 Gallery Cairo, Egypt.

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