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Case study: Juan Pablo Echeverri (Colombia)

As part of the 2006/07 Visiting Arts Colombia-England Programme, Juan Pablo Echeverri took up a three-month residency at Site Gallery, Sheffield.

In Columbia Juan’s work has been based around his ever-changing appearance documented through daily photography. The residency at Site Gallery enabled Juan to broaden the boundaries of his work, taking more risks with his self-portraiture and resulted in Diva’s Life an exhibition curated at Site Gallery in January 2007.

His work strongly explores identity, gender and a unique response to popular culture, culminating in video diaries. His quest for a representation of a diva has not only changed Juan’s direction and method of working it has also affected those who met, worked and viewed his journey.


Images: all taken from Juan Pablo Echeverri exhibition, Diva's Life at Site Gallery, Sheffield, January 2007

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