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Contemporary Myths 2011

Plans are going ahead for a new chapter of Contemporary Myths to take place next spring in Turkey.

Contemporary Myths is an intercultural and international collaboration project bringing together theatre makers from different countries to share practice, explore ideas and gain a deeper understanding of artistic contexts. The theme of myth is one which transcends cultural boundaries, providing a broad frame of reference to explore the use of myth or adaptation of myth in contemporary performance.

This will be the third episode of the project which has taken place in Edinburgh (August 2009), and Tehran (2010) bringing together 16 theatre makers from Iran and the UK. In Turkey the project evolves to create new conversations and develop those artistic dialogues that have already begun with artist from the UK, Turkey and neighbouring Iran.

Over a week the project will be in two parts. The first begins with talks, collaborative workshops and networking between theatre makers from Turkey, Iran and the UK. The second is a period of incubation where small groups of artists can develop existing connections and explore new collaborative proposals.

We will be working with partners and artists in Istanbul and across Turkey to create a rich and diverse dialogue through the project and beyond. Stay tuned for more information in the coming months.

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