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David Davies


I am looking for a modern beauty that doesn't crop out 'undesirable' elements, but remains true to the contemporary landscape, and hopefully creates a new way of looking.

I have a theory that in a post- apocalyptic situation, survivors would still feel the need to seek out aesthetic stimulation from whatever was left, and that may be very strange territory for some artists. This is an extreme case, but it's at the root my present interests.

Photography is playing a big part in this work. Not in a literal sense (although I use it for reference). More in the sense that I enjoy the acceptable 'snapshot' quality of some contemporary photography and its lack of insistence on formal composition. I try to take that approach back into drawing.

Surrealism has become the new reality. A walk down any high street in 21st. Century UK will confirm. Traffic islands planted out to look like a small corner of Mexico with bill board backdrops inviting me to ring emergency numbers concerning my alcoholism! Stand in a service station on London's peripheral M25 at 4 am and tell me this is not a strange, and (sometimes illogically), a slightly threatening experience.

These feelings are at the heart of the image I present here. The satellite dish never existed. I made it up, as any keen eyed techno enthusiast will surely tell you. Likewise the cloud. Just an exercise in manipulating burnt wood dust. But most of us, I think, will recognise such an instant. That moment when the slick and almost clinical aesthetic of well designed modern technology is thrown into a sudden juxtaposition with another object that has associations with another 'old school' romantic kind of beauty. These are the brief illuminations I am seeking in this area of work.

Norfolk, UK.



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