What does VA do?

We strengthen intercultural understanding through the arts.

For more information, see About us.


Are you part of the British Council?

No. VA became an independent charity in 2001 having formerly been a department of the British Council, though we still work in partnership with the Council to deliver particular programmes of work.


What countries/regions of the world does Visiting Arts work with specifically?

We provide information and advice on as many countries and regions as possible through our network of cultural professionals with specialist knowledge.

While we try not to limit ourselves in our information provision, we have to be selective on where we work for our projects due to our finite resources, so we tend to work in countries that are identified as priorities by our board, funders and stakeholders. We also decide on country focuses based on feedback regarding areas of interested we get from contacts in the UK sector, the contacts and relationships we develop overseas through conversations and meetings with artists, cultural professionals, arts organisations, funders and diplomatic bodies.

Countries we have had a substantial working relationship with during the last three years are:
Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, China, Colombia, India, Iran, Mali, Russia, South Africa, Taiwan, Turkey, Brazil, USA, Palestine, Korea


Does VA produce and curate work directly?

We do not produce or curate work ourselves - instead we work with UK-based promoters, curators and presenters who want to engage with international artists and present their work to UK audiences. We do this through providing information, advice, networking/contact-making opportunities, platforms for debate and critical discussion about international work, and the initiation and promotion of collaborations through our skills exchange programmes and in-country research opportunities.

See here for more information on our current projects.


Where can I get funding for international projects and/or work coming into the UK?

You can use the funding section of our website for advice and information on different funding sources. Unfortunately VA is not able to provide funding.


Where can I get travel grants for research and development?

See our funding section for information on funding bodies that can support this kind of international work. Unfortunately VA is not in a position to fund travel or research.


Can I apply for an internship at VA?

VA advertises intern opportunities through our website, e-newsletter  and twitter page. Our internships normally run over a 3 month period with two to three new positions available each year. 

Make sure you follow our twitter feed to stay up to date with our projects and opportunities.


Does Visiting Arts have a presence on any social networking sites?

VA have a twitter account and a Facebook page.


What's happened to the old Visiting Arts website?

We're keeping the old website up for a while as an archive, although it won't be updated. You can access it by clicking here

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