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Felipe Rizzo Prux - Brazil

Ballet porcelain dancer from Felipe Rizzo Prux on Vimeo.

‘I guess Björk is not working part-time in a fishing boat while she is creating her next gorgeous (and ingenious) album.’

To work as an artist in Brazil is a struggling situation. Even if you are a dedicated person, which means to have formal training and regular activity, you are asked often about having a "real job"; it is like being a practitioner of a hobby.

We are terrified of the idea of leisure. The society where I was born and where I live fear leisure because they seem to distort it with laziness. .. All emerging countries are dealing heavily with the idea of being nations of super- productions... they have nominated themselves BRIC, ( a grouping acronym that refers to the countries of Brazil, Russia, India and China, which are all deemed to be at a similar stage of newly advanced economic development) and they are working hard to dominate the world in terms of smashing down current economic blocks.

The "Ballet porcelain dancer" video seems to be my inner secret point of view about the artist's situation (in my region, country, continent, planet, solar system).

A pair of ballet shoes; one ballet shoe trying to guide the other.

They are split in their mission: one is an artist, the other is a coward. The "artist-shoe" is able to take risk (eg. working through the night), as it's an expected motto of any artist; the "non-artist- shoe" is unable to dive -- or is lazy to -- into risky artistic research and practice.

I believe it's impossible not to be influenced by the world context, If has a person is able to say there isn't an influence (local surroundings and political context) in their work or practice, I honestly don't think this person should be called an artist.


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