Please note, Visiting Arts is not a grant giving organisation and we do not distribute funding to third party organisations not directly involved in our own projects. For information about what we do, please see our about section. 

EU Culture Programme Funding

To access and find out information about the EU’s Culture programme (2007-2013) and its associated funding and deadlines, please visit our sister website  for the latest news and whether your potential project is eligible.

Foreign embassies in the UK

The Foreign and Commonweath Office have a conprehensive and up to date list of contact details for all foreign embassies in the UK, including the names of senior staff, including cultural attachés.

This information can be found at:

Foreign embassies and their cultural attachés are often good sources of support and funding for international arts projects connected to their respective countries, particularly in covering travel expenses for international artists travelling to exhibit/perform their work in the UK.

Other sources of funding

There are still funding streams available from various organisations. Ideastap have a good starting point for a majority of funding streams available, and offers good advice from professionals on how to approach funders -

Artquest also have a good section on funding focussed on visual arts

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