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Hera Buyuktasciyan

'It wasn't meant to end like this' is a kind of reminder for us to think about the possible outcomes of the sudden upheavels, downfalls, and loss within each of our collective global history and how would our present and future be like.

The continuous destruction and total transformation within each an every aspect of life also causes an inability to imagine the present moment.

Today and everyday we witness the radical loss of our world and finally face the term 'worldlessness'.



As an artist when I step back and become a detached observer, I start to question the aspects which prepares 'the end' of things around, and the terms the beginning/ the end, becoming otherworldly and what leads us to become 'worldless' or 'otherworldly' and get into a circle of solitude due to unconnectedness /uncommunication . It is the notion of thinking about how would the world look like when we get up the next morning?


Hera Buyuktasciyan

The Story Teller

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