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Ivars Heinrihsons - Latvia

My advice? Be free! Believe in yourself, for creativity is the essence of life!

Ivars Heinrihsons, Latvia

I love my country and my surroundings.

Latvia is blessed with the Baltic Sea, lakes, deep forests and Riga attracts many for its Jugendstil architecture. I live and work in centre city Riga. My everyday life and pedagogical (teaching) practice are influenced by urban sensibility and local perception. The images in my paintings – expressive or transformed are a sign of this duality. The Horse – that’s me!

My father was a sculptor, who helped effect the Freedom Monument in Riga. My wife is a renowned artist, my daughter a stage designer.

I was born in pre-independent Latvia and am like other artists in my country- popular, socially oriented and educated. For reasons unknown to us, even our political opinions are sought after. Post-soviet artists are “on our own” and earn our own living through art gallery sales. I am a professor at the Academy of Art, I teach painting and participate in exhibitions worldwide.

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