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Jael Orea Arenas


‘In all honesty, I don’t need much to make my work. I spend most of my time in the street, being surprised by almost everything.

I edit my photos using a very simple process, and when I need to visualize them more, I print them. I spend little time in my house, mostly at night. I like to read, listen to music, and draw.

I basically need a table, paper (to draw or write on), sunlight or light from a lamp (as I often work at night or first thing in the morning), and a computer. I also like plants, so I always have one.’

I personally believe that my country is going through a very difficult situation (violence, etc.).  However, I am very fortunate in being a photographer because the photography has allowed me to rediscover that in my country there are fantastic things. In my personal experience, being an artist in Mexico has given me the opportunity to believe in my country yet. I think Mexico has shortcomings, but that does not detract from the history, places, creativity and above all the discovery that there are many people wanting to get ahead.

Absolutely all of my work has to do with my environment.

I am a photographer; I like to go out and create stories with what I observe. Sometimes there are people that I do not know and they trigger my imagination, sometimes there are specific places or objects. . .Lately when I go out with my camera I have discovered several houses and gardens that are really amazing. Finally, I dedicate my work to my country and the places where I can walk.

I think that sometimes the countries situation is so complex that it seems we do not have enough power to make change quickly. However, any situation or activity that gives us a reason to go forward, in my view, is the first step in taking knowledge of the problems and not losing the drive to do something.
For me photography has been the reason to keep going despite the problems that my country has.


flickr: Jael91


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