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Marko Mäetamm

I am a visual artist working and living in Tallinn. 

Estonian art life is mostly Tallinn-based. This Tallinn-based art life is vivid but quite local and it is easy to feel like you are rather in periphery and that all exciting things happen rather somewhere else.

Tallinn is the capital of Estonia. The Estonian population is approximately 1,4 million, it is one of the Baltic States, it has a common border with Russia and Latvia and it is not far from Sweden and Finland. Tallinn is very small and it is quite far from big art metropolis in Europe.

Our art market is only developing and it is still quite conservative.

When you are an emerging artist it is easy to gain recognition here, much easier than it is probably in London or Berlin or New York. But in 10-15 years you definitely hit the ceiling and then it is important to start showing somewhere else to keep developing your artist`s career.

My artist`s practice is definitely influenced by my experience of growing up and living in Estonia. I don`t feel too stable and comfortable here, I feel quite unsecure and many things in society worry me a lot. At the same time I think it is a very good milieu for an artist, it keeps you endlessly on the road and searching for the right thing. It helps you to keep your eyes open and your mind critical and this is what I find really important.


Marko currently has a solo show at Nettie Horn gallery, London. http://www.nettiehorn.com/  

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