200 Voices


Morgana Ferrara


“The cemetery of the forgotten boats”, is a plot on the island of Lampedusa where seized migrants’ boats are kept after they have made the treacherous journey from Africa to Europe - often boats and dead bodies are washed ashore serving as a constant reminder to the dangers posed to all who risk making the journey.

A somber atmosphere pervades the plot - toys, clothes and old wood is all that remain of the people who left their homeland for good but never reached the shores of their promised land.

I live in Sicily, in the South of Italy. Where ancient traditions and colours are still there, alive. I feel like stopping wheel of time when to take in all the beauty around me. Contrasts between past and present, sacred and profane, jump to the eyes of any photographer.

Being an artist in Sicily is such a challenge with history. In every corner of the main towns or the old small villages where the population was once mainly of fishermen you can find yourself merged with the perfumes and the landscapes of the glorious mediterranean culture. 



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