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Residency + call for information

Residency + is a new idea that adds value to existing artist residency programmes through the creation of a national network that supports artists and the organisations hosting them. It aims to increase the impact of artist residencies whilst ensuring the most effective use of financial and natural resources.

Visiting Arts is developing the programme in partnership with a number of organisations. We are currently creating a database of residency hosts in the UK, and from the information they share with us we are creating a calendar of international artists’ presence in the UK which will enable us to create opportunities for networking and development, both for the artists and arts organisations in the UK. As such, we are keen to hear from any UK organisation hosting or planning to host an artist at any time over the next year.

If you are hosting an artist or collaborating with an artist visiting the UK, please contact with your contact details and information about the artist and their residency.

Artists can be working in any art form and/or interdisciplinary practice.

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