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Ruchika Wason Singh

My works deal with the human habitat and existence and its relation with the environment.

As a practicing artist living and working in the urban setting of Delhi, my work has been impacted by the daily life and the processes of consumption therein.

These have grown out of my gendered experiences and the interface with objects/commodities of consumption in the kitchen ,at the supermarket and at home. It interests me how every day, mundane activities can become sources of deeper meaning and self probation. In the choices of food and lifestyle lie our own location within the environment .For me commodities embody multiplicity of choices not only through their capacity to gratify but also to hoard, pollute and accumulate. In this sense I see consumption and its aftermath as a reflection of the environment-that which is physical as well as mental. This explains the expanse of my thought process and also the direction of exploration of my forms.

In my works though I reflect upon these situations, processes and patterns; generally there is an absence of the human body itself. It is apparent either in parts or through the objects and metaphorical symbols, as associated agents of acts of human life-those which have been, are being or will be performed. From reflection to anticipation, the objects become significant references of identities, choices, acceptance and resistance. As part of the creative process, at times even through their physical presence, they exist beyond their functionality as sources of probation and enquiry.

Working as an artist in a fast globalizing India, I find certain grounds common for all artistic and existential engagements beyond borders. These are the domains of creative dialogue and that of consciousness, through which we can connect with our own self and with each other.

Ruchika Wason Singh
October 2011, Delhi.


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