200 Voices


Sigal Yaar

The images show pieces of wood, recycled materials and found objects, which inspire my imagination.

In many ways, I feel that for me the world is a 'raw material'.

In her paintings, Sigal Yaar uses objects that she collects, recycles and then aspires in them a new meaning & existence. Her personal and subjective judgment and subject of paintings are constantly rejuvenated using a real and an imaginary camera. Since childhood, Sigal has been engaged in the quest of 'framing' her unique realm of humanity and the surrounding environment. Hence using both talents singular sensitivity and perception, she transforms the implicit to explicit.

"Usually, I follow my intuition when encountering found objects. Therefore, I don’t believe it was a coincidence I found an old map of
the Middle East laying on the side of the road. More likely, it was a spiritual adventure in which the map was waiting for me...
This time, the found object also led me to the painting's theme – the fraction of this area and the feeling that the situation can change at any moment."

Sigal Yaar was born in Tel Aviv, Israel in 1968. Her distinctive specialization is painting, sculpturing & graphic design.

During her Graphic design studies at the Escuela de artes aplicadas, BCN, Spain, Sigal Yaar received an award for designing a corporate identity to the city of Terassa. Her design of an interactive CD "Olympic Gold", won prestigious awards such as, "Best Sports Titles of 1995", UK, "The Milia d'Or award", Cannes, France.

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