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Simohamed Fettaka


Although just 14km from Europe, Morocco is a long way from Europe’s educational and international cultural development. As an artist, I feel committed to participating in changing this situation.

I’m driven by my own social restlessness, questioning tradition as well as appreciating it. My work explores this: for me, art is the way to express myself while I am enabling others to express themselves.


I mostly use film, but also photography and collage, and through these extending to other art forms, for instance rap, poetry and performance. 

Currently, I am working on a project called ‘The world is not as I see’. It focuses on presenting a sacred image of Moroccan culture in different ways, influenced by the images I grew up with, always asking myself why this image is so firmly unalterable. This is a personal project based on memory and reflection.

Simohammed Fettaka us a young Moroccan Multidisciplinary artist based in Tangier. He has produced various short documentaries and experimental videos. He trained in Morocco and La Femis, Paris. He is involved in the Cinémathèque de Tanger (www.cinemathequedetanger.com), the founder and director of the African film festival Cinema Nachia (www.cinemanachia.com). He is also a musician and a composer.


Image Credits

Image from Made in Morocco, 2010, serie of 3 inkjet prints, mixed art, 50 x 60 cm each

Data Manipulation, 2010, serie of 2 photography,inkjet prints, 70 x 100 cm

Africa as they like it, 2009, inkjet prints, drawing, 100 x 100 cm

Image from Revolution without a hero, 2011, diptych, collage & acrylic, 50 x 40 cm each

Image from Glacial connection, 2009, serie of 5 inkjet prints, Photography, collage, 100 x 100 cm




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