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Theatre management workshops at the 27th International Fadjr Theatre Festival, Tehran, 2009

Visiting Arts in partnership with the Dramatic Arts Centre of Iran (DAC) held two workshops in theatre management at the 27th International Fadjr Theatre Festival, Tehran, 2009.

The first workshop took place from 21-25 January and was led by Roger McCann with training support from Rose Fenton, Peter Glanville of The Little Angel Theatre, and Ninaz Khodaiji of Watermans. The participants were alumni from workshops in theatre management run by Visiting Arts in Iran in January/February 2007.

The workshop focused on partnerships and collaboration, both within Iran and internationally. Issues such as audience development, information gathering, the decentralisation of theatre through the development of a private theatre industry, and issues relating to communication were raised and discussed throughout the week, empowering artists to come up with their own solutions. The workshop proved how far the participants had developed their creative management skills since 2007, and gave them the opportunity to hone these skills further. Visiting Arts greatly values the opportunity to be a part of this process.

The second workshop ran from 26-30 January, led by Roger McCann and a new training team including Andrea Montgomery of Terra Nova Productions (Northern Ireland), Matthew Jones of Akademi and Claire Hicks, an independent producer who has worked with Iran-related companies such as Zendeh and 30 Bird Productions.

The workshop provided an overview of theatre management, aimed at a new cohort of Iranian theatre artists looking to gain knowledge and skills in theatre management. The group represented a broad cross section of artist specialism, from puppeteers to street theatre directors; from playwrights to dancers.

The workshops allowed Visiting Arts to build strong relationships with all of the new artists, as well as to reinforce our existing artistic relationships with the old cohort. We are positive that this year’s Visiting Arts activity at the Fadjr Festival will continue to strengthen cultural ties between the UK and Iran, leading to new partnerships and collaborative work in the near future.

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