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Tristan Jacobs

I am a young theatre-maker from South Africa.

The Southern African landscape is powerful and inspiring. You are able to lose yourself in it's beauty and ferocity. Engaging in work and practice is always approached with a fluctuating mixture of caution and courage.

Freedom of existence combating against the limiting freedom of expression.

To be a performing artist in my country is to struggle between the alienating effects of the glitzy fame-infested views of Hollywood and the repetitive short-term representations of traditional performance.

As with all art and artists around the world, justifying your exist and your contribution to the country's GDP is the constant battle... everything else is love.

I have started my Masters degree at Rhodes University in the Eastern Cape and the drama department runs a work called The Amazing Other Show for the new students every year in February that deals with all sorts of race and gender issues.


Masidlale Productions, South Africa



Image Credits

Studio photograph (Tristan Jacbos)

Publicity for National Arts Festival in Grahamstown and Musho Festival in Durban.

Photographs from The Amazing Other Show

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