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Bradford Literature Festival: Iran – Contemporary Short Story, Translation & Performance Workshop

7th July 2019


What can we learn from contemporary writing from Iran? Persian literature has influenced and inspired Western writers for decades. The Persian short story can be traced back to ancient times with storytelling preceding literacy. Rich with metaphors and allusions – the translation process is complex! Whether you’re a writer, translator, performing artist or culture lover, there’s plenty of insights and ideas to discover.

To celebrate the launch of The Book of Tehran published by Comma, in this special workshop session at Bradford Literature Festival we will explore contemporary literature from award winning Iranian writers. We’ll pick apart new Iranian short fiction in terms of language, themes, context and style. Depending on the level of experience, we will discuss the translation process and perhaps even try a group translation! And, to bring the literature to life and boost your confidence and storytelling skills, come prepared to get out of your comfort zone for a performative exploration of the text.

The Book of Tehran is a collection of short stories by ten contemporary writers from Iran, translated into English – guiding us through the most populous city in Western Asia. A modern portrayal of Iran’s inner stories and private lives as opposed to a Western focus on the country’s extremes. It was developed by Comma Press in collaboration with Visiting Arts as part of a programme promoting contemporary Iranian literature and culture in the UK and encouraging the advancement of Persian to English translation. Visiting Arts have also initiated a resource page with related networks, contacts and study centres, aiming to help contribute to bringing about an increase in publications, translations and literary exchange to positively impact on Iranian literature, as well as on literary exchange with the UK and elsewhere. See more at

Bradford Literature Festival, hailed as one of the most inspirational festivals in the UK offers over 500 events packed into iconic venues across 10 days – celebrating the written and spoken word in all its wonderful forms. Every year the Festival invite world-renowned authors, poets, musicians and artists to visit the city of Bradford and share their expertise and passions. Bradford truly is the place to be from 28th June- 7th July 2019!