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Tales From The Field: Art & Politics

20th July 2016

18:30 - 21:00

Toynbee Studios, London

Tales From The Field: Art & Politics
In partnership with Highlight Arts
Wednesday 20 July 2016
6.30-9pm at Toynbee Studios, London

What responsibility do artists have to engage with politics in societies around the world, and what motivates them to do so? How might artists influence cultural, political and social values as a visitor to another community? We will hear from artists and creative producers who bring case studies embedded in diverse cultures, with a lively debate about what it means to be a creative citizen in a global society.

In this inaugural event in our international discussion and networking series, hear first hand from artists and creative producers on how the arts might influence cultural, political and social values and join in the debate about what it means to be a creative citizen in a global society. Read on below to for a need-to-know guide to the speakers.

To kick start the conversation Tweet your thoughts and questions on the topic in advance along with the hashtag #TFTFtalks.


Meet the speakers

Daniel Gorman is executive director of Shubbak: A Window on Contemporary Arab Culture and is a co-founder of Highlight Arts, an organisation which works in collaboration with artists in areas in times of conflict. His work focuses on increasing dialogue, communication and collaboration, while promoting social justice and equality through the arts.

Julia Farrington is Head of Campaigns and Events at Belarus Free Theatre, Associate ofVivarta and Associate Art Producer for Index on Censorship, where she has recently publishedinformation packs on the laws that impact on what is sayable in the arts. Interested in the cross over between arts and human rights, her focus is on the right to freedom of artistic expression. Julia has worked extensively with artists from countries hostile to artistic freedoms – including Burma, Belarus, Ethiopia and Turkey. She has also worked over the past three years on how issues of artistic freedom, censorship, self-censorship and offence are played out across the sector in the UK.

Jevan Chowdhury is the founding member of Wind & Foster film studios and director of theMoving Cities project, an initiative presenting world cultures headfirst through dance. His work in London, Paris, Prague and Athens has earned accolades with nominations in Sweden, Spain, the US and the UK. Taking to the streets and working with the natural hustle and bustle in cities around the world, he’s paired together dance, music and film into one striking piece of art.

Serra Ataman was born and raised in Ankara in Turkey, and has considerable expertise in managing launch campaigns for international clients in the architecture and design sectors. She completed her BFA at Bilkent University Interior Architecture and Environmental Design and got her MA in Culture, Creativity and Entrepreneurship at University of Leeds. She co-ordinates ING’s PR and communications activity for Turkishceramics, including an ongoing collaboration with the Royal Academy of Arts for its 2016 Architecture Programme, and the Sinan: The First Starchitect project – a book and exhibition produced with the Architects’ Journal. She worked with the British Council for the Venice Architecture Biennale 2014 and Australian Institute of Architects in Venice Architecture Biennale 2016 on highly successful communications strategies.

About our partner

Highlight Arts creates new narratives through personal interactions, collaborations and exchange in the context of conflict: inequality, prejudice, war or environmental disaster. They organise festivals, curate new artistic collaborations and generate new work. Established in 2007 as Reel Festivals they became Highlight Arts in 2014. Highlight Arts have a track record of delivering highly engaging, provocative work, using all forms of the arts to explore pressing and contemporary geo-­political issues, working with innovative and progressive artists from at the UK and abroad.

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