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Tales From The Field: Working with Embassies and Cultural Institutes

Working with Embassies and Cultural Institutes
In partnership with EUNIC London
At the Romanian Cultural Institute, London 
Tuesday 13 September 2016
6.30-9pm (doors open from 6pm)
£12 with complimentary drinks generously provided by the Romanian Cultural Institute

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Culture Works Connections Programme Participants Announced For Edinburgh Visit

Following intensive training since October 2015, eleven participants from World Cultures Connect workshops in Africa, the Caribbean and Pacific have been selected to convene in the UK for a networking week to showcase their work during the Edinburgh Festivals and Visiting Arts annual International Producers Breakfast in partnership with Creative Scotland.



Tales From The Field: Art & Politics

Tales From The Field: Art & Politics
In partnership with Highlight Arts
Wednesday 20 July 2016
6.30-9pm at Toynbee Studios, London




Announcing registration for Visiting Arts International Producers Breakfast 2016

The Visiting Arts International Producers Breakfast 2016 is presented in partnership with Creative Scotland on Thursday 25 August.



Arts & Law Conference

Bringing together professionals from the arts and legal sectors, Visiting Arts hosts an enlightening Arts & Law Conference presented in partnership with law firm Anderson Strathern during the Edinburgh Festivals.

culture works connections


Skills gaps, meeting international partners, and funding of creative businesses in Africa and Trinidad & Tobago

Late last year, Visiting Arts along with the Africa Center and the Ministry of Arts and Multiculturalism for Trinidad and Tobago conducted a survey of the regions where we are working for our project Culture Works Connections. Below we have a shared a summary of key results from respondents across sub-saharan Africa and Trinidad and Tobago.

Summary report Africa.pdf80.29 KB
Summary report Trinidad & Tobago.pdf80.13 KB

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2013 International Producers Breakfast in Edinburgh

The annual International Producers Breakfast at the Edinburgh International Festival is approaching and we've shared our first newsletter, introducing the panel speakers, our networking ambassadors and the launch of the enhanced networking platform World Cultures Connect. We will also feature a #ConnectionBoard at this year's breakfast, helping participants to "promote, discover and connect" - their work, new work and artists and future collaborators. The first few entries are featured in this newsletter, as is a welcome from our CEO, Yvette Vaughan Jones.

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Visiting Arts Intensives Summer 2013 Schedule

If your organisation is involved with or considering creating international collaborations and projects, the Visiting Arts Intensives can help with the latest intelligence in EU funding for culture and decades of experience in international working. While UK funds for the arts are becoming increasingly difficult to access, support programmes are available throughout the EU. Ranging from employability and skills to youth projects, step back from the daily search for trusts and foundations and learn about how EU funds could support your projects.

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Visiting Arts Intensives - Gateshead 14 December

We've had great response from our Visiting Arts Intensives in Bristol, Leeds and London, and we are now bringing it to the North East! New date announced for Gateshead, 14 December at The Sage Gateshead. Gain confidence in your knowledge of international opportunities through in-depth and hands-on treatment of EU funding and wider international working in culture.

14 December, Gateshead

seminars and conferences


Visiting Arts Intensives - London 5 September

New Visiting Arts Intensive announced for London, 5 September at The Place. Gain confidence in your knowledge of international opportunities through in-depth and hands-on treatment of EU funding and wider international working in culture.

5 September 2012, London

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Edinburgh Producers' Breakfast 2012 - Speakers Announced

The Visiting Arts Producers Breakfast, presented in partnership with Creative Scotland, creates the opportunity for 200 UK and international producers, programmers and creators with a passion for international and intercultural performance to come together, make new connections and sow seeds of collaboration, exchange and partnership for the coming year.

Monday 20 August 2012
09:30 -11:30
Festival Theatre Edinburgh

Follow us on the day with live tweeting at #VAProducers



Visiting Arts Intensives - Bristol 9 July + Leeds 10 July

Registration for Visiting Arts Intensives now open for Bristol (9 July) and Leeds (10 July). Gain confidence in your knowledge of international opportunities for the arts & culture – Visiting Arts Intensives offer in-depth and hands-on treatment of EU funding and wider international working in culture.

200 Voices


Anne Lise Stenseth

"My coming film essay “Detour”, reflects on topics like labour, daily life in the factory and the workers position in society due to changes in the market, but also the symbolical value associated with the metaphor “life after death”.

The story of the shoe factory continues and becomes something else, recognizeable, unrecognizeable and creates different (hi)stories. 

It is a work about place, belonging, identity, migration, and the story takes place somewhere between the past, present, reality and fiction."

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Critical Thinking: Welsh Arts Critics’ Development Programme

Susie Wild, one of the participants for the Welsh Arts Critics' Development Programme, reports for Pioneer, the e-newsletter for Culture Colony

"Last month I completed the Welsh Arts Critics' Development Programme with Wales Arts International and Visiting Arts. Four new critics - Lowri Hâf Cooke, Amelia Forsbrook, Dylan Moore and myself - took part in the 6-month programme which was designed to develop coverage and critical discussion of Welsh arts.

200 Voices


200 Voices - Artists

Ania Bas


Arno Baude




Duguld Ferguson


Fergus Jordan


Jael Orea Arenas


Hera Buyuktasciyan


Karen McLean


Morgana Ferrara


Paul Valadez


Ruchika Wason Singh


Sigal Yaar


Simohamed Fettaka

Stefano Morelli

Santiago Morilla


200 Voices


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Leung Chi Wo - We must construct as well as destroy

The first solo exhibition in London by Chinese artist Leung Chi Wo opens on 20th January 2012 at ROKEBY Gallery. Leung Chi Wo is one of Hong Kong’s leading contemporary artists of a generation influenced by the territory’s post-1997 identity and politics.

For More information - http://www.rokebygallery.com/exhibitions/leung-chi-wo

200 Voices


Fergus Jordan


Darkness and light physically fragment the landscape in a manner that corresponds closely to the political connotations of division

a dialect that sits uncomfortably in this highly charged sectarian landscape.

200 Voices


Morgana Ferrara


“The cemetery of the forgotten boats”, is a plot on the island of Lampedusa where seized migrants’ boats are kept after they have made the treacherous journey from Africa to Europe - often boats and dead bodies are washed ashore serving as a constant reminder to the dangers posed to all who risk making the journey.

200 Voices


Sigal Yaar

The images show pieces of wood, recycled materials and found objects, which inspire my imagination.

In many ways, I feel that for me the world is a 'raw material'.

200 Voices


Karen Mclean


My local surroundings and context influence my work and practice in many ways. My interests lie in the connected history that I share with Britain, having grown up in the Caribbean and now residing in the UK.


I am keenly interested in the Caribbean community that came here during the Windrush period and their continued development and status as a minority community. My interests have allowed me to research as far back as slavery on the plantations and to question the continued effects of colonialism.


200 Voices


Cai and JJ


This image is a perfect poster for the London Olympics 2012. It represents our artistic journey from Beijing to London. We believe art is free, and creativity has no boundaries.


The image here is of our performance Two Artists Run Naked Across Westminster Bridge with a panda bear in 2000.

200 Voices


Ruchika Wason Singh

My works deal with the human habitat and existence and its relation with the environment.

As a practicing artist living and working in the urban setting of Delhi, my work has been impacted by the daily life and the processes of consumption therein.

200 Voices


Anna Sherbany

In “Empty Gestures” the ritual becomes a visual marker of what remains common to all people.

The singularity of the gesture is poetic as well as powerful. The increasing value of water is measured by its absence. 

The movement of the hands becomes a metaphor for human resilience.

200 Voices


Jael Orea Arenas


‘In all honesty, I don’t need much to make my work. I spend most of my time in the street, being surprised by almost everything.

I edit my photos using a very simple process, and when I need to visualize them more, I print them. I spend little time in my house, mostly at night. I like to read, listen to music, and draw.

I basically need a table, paper (to draw or write on), sunlight or light from a lamp (as I often work at night or first thing in the morning), and a computer. I also like plants, so I always have one.’

200 Voices


Ania Bas

This is the view from my live/work/sleep space in London.

I can't see much of the world outside whilst at my desk, to rest I usually just stare at the wall of evergreen shrubs. This keeps me focused.

My desk is my communications headquarters, R&D lab, my operations office and my conference room.

200 Voices


Amreen Khan


Amreen Khan investigates the concept of cultures, in particular her struggle between two contrasting societies, one being her origins in Pakistan and the Western society.

By looking at these cultures she is able to transfer her knowledge of these cultures into her paintings on canvas.

200 Voices


Susan Keshet- UK

‘I work next to Shoreham Harbour in Sussex - It's a busy harbour dealing with materials from all over the world for the construction industry.

My work addresses the world/reality as a construction so there are strong overlaps between my practice and my location.

critical writing exchanges


Welsh Arts Critics' Blogs from Hay Festival Kerala

Two participants of our current Welsh Arts Critics Development Programme 2011, Susie Wild and Dylan Moore, give their views from the recent Kerala edition of the Hay Festival

Susie is a freelance journalist, PR, poet, writer and editor, and a regular contributor to Buzz magazine.

Dylan is the founding editor CFUK; founding co-editor The Raconteur and alumnus of the National Theatre of Wales / Academi ‘New Critic’ scheme.

200 Voices


Arno Baude - Vietnam

I live abroad, in South East Asia. Here, a ‘paradise’ is preserved for western tourists and investors in “amazing Thailand” and “wonderful Indonesia”. These sound like perfect getaways, but symbolize globalization to me. 

The tropics are home to extravagant plenitude as well as bitter destitution. My works show the ambivalence.



1mile2 Bradford

Latest images from 1mile² Bradford

Participant David Collinson's images from the opening of Chen Hangfeng's exhibition Unnatural Selection at Cartwright Hall and pictures of the public and education workshops including Windfall co-led by Hangfeng in collaboration with local ecologist Charlie Gray.



1mile2 Guelph

Latest news from 1mile² Guelph

1mile² Guelph has been running since March this year. The programme has involved a series of artists creating public interventions and events around St. George's Square and across a square mile of downtown Guelph.




Unnatural Selection by Chen Hangfeng

Shanghai-based artist Chen Hangfeng was selected to participate in 1mile² Bradford 2009. His exhibition Unnatural Selection is now on at Cartwright Hall.



1mile2 Cardiff

1mile² Cardiff celebrations

Sunday 30 October 2011 | Wales Millennium Centre | 12:00 - 18:30

Join us for a day of free performances, workshops and exhibitions


This free public event will feature new dance works by award winning India Dance Wales and Jukebox Juniors – stars of TV’s Got To Dance - as well as local organisations Rubicon, Ballet Nimba, street dance trio Shapez and Chloe Loftus in collaboration with Planet Gymnastics Parkour Group. There will be a chance to try out a range of arts activities, including dance, textile and poetry workshops. The day will feature an exhibition of images of Cardiff by photographer Mahesh Shantaram (Bangalore).




Windfall - Art & Ecology workshop, 1mile2 Bradford

Windfall - Art & Ecology Workshop

Join us for a free workshop with ecologist Charlie Gray and artist Chen Hangfeng.

The workshop is open to everyone aged 16+ on Wednesday 2 November 14:00 – 17:00

Venue: meet by the University of Bradford library entrance


contemporary myths


Contemporary Myths - Video

Video of the recent Contemporary Myths programme which took place in Farnham, Liverpool and Dartington



1mile2 Cardiff walks

As part of 1mile² Cardiff, participants are leading a series of walks to places in the square mile significant to them.

We’re inviting you to nominate a site within Grangetown, Butetown, Adamsdown or Splott and join local artist Rabab Ghazoul and the team for a short walk to this spot. Come with friends, family, group or an individual and share why this place is important to you and why it’s worth looking at more closely.




The Silent Zone of the World - Lemi Ponifasio

‘The Silent Zone of the World’




Roddy Buchanan/ Sharjah residency

By Kelly Carmichael

Robert Rauschenberg could not have put it more succinctly – "the artist's job is to be a witness to his time in history”. This idea of artist as witness is not a new one. Historically and across all art forms the role of artists to observe, announce, document and translate is central to our knowledge of the past. From Japanese floating world prints to hieroglyphics in Egyptian tombs, James Joyce’s Dubliners to Picasso’s Guernica, artists have contributed strongly to recording the existence of and providing evidence for our understanding of historical events and social circumstance. The artist, however, is more than a passive witness of events – whether monumental or everyday. They are an active participant in the unfolding of their own particular time in history.

working internationally


Call to organisations – How will you maintain your international working? How will we hear the international artists voices?

With recent events in the Middle East and beyond, there is a greater imperative for these international voices to be heard and, in particular for the voices of the artists to have a platform.

But, the current funding cuts from public and other bodies are starting to affect organisations up and down the United Kingdom. Where will you make your cuts internally? Is it the research and training budgets? The international links and residencies that will suffer? In addition, the mechanisms in place to finance bringing international work into the country are diminishing rapidly. Our research shows that the main funding for incoming work for international artists is now from the Arts Councils and with heavy demands on this reduced funding, will this strand of work suffer disproportionately?



Lost Languages And Other Voices - Joy Gregory Retrospective

If Visiting Arts’ ‘Future Thinking’ document is the philosophy behind artist residencies and intercultural dialogue, Joy Gregory is the practice. Over the last 25 years her work has evolved from and explored the characteristics and dynamics of international residencies and exemplified how ‘space’ can become ‘place’ when given connection, context and meaning. An upcoming interview with Joy Gregory will attempt to draw out exactly what is at the heart of an international residency experience and, at a time when dialogue has never been so important, what role residencies and cultural practitioners can play in intercultural understanding.



Artist Voices - Voices from the Middle East

Two young artists give contrasting views of how the current political events are affecting their practice



Artists in Conversation - Gohar Dashti

Artist talk: Gohar Dashti in conversation with Adam Knights (Arts Projects Manager, Visiting Arts)
Thursday 24 February 2011, 19:00 - 20:00
The Delfina Foundation
29 Catherine Place, London SW1E 6DY
Free. Rsvp required.

Photographer Gohar Dashti has been in residence at Impressions Gallery, Bradford and will be artist-in-residence at The Delfina Foundation in February, taking part in 1mile², a Visiting Arts initiative that connects artists, ecologists and communities through creative engagement. At this event, Gohar will present past and present work and will reflect on her time in the UK exploring the influence of recent experiences on her practice.

producers visits


Eckhard Thiemann – Reflections On The UK Korea Producers Visit

By Kelly Carmichael

Visiting Arts runs a successful programme of ambitious research visits abroad which seek to provide UK curators and producers with an opportunity to expand their knowledge of international art practice in a specific overseas context. Having recently signed an agreement with the Korea Arts Management Service (KAMS) to promote and support collaborative exchange between the Korean and UK cultural scenes, a Producers’ Visit to the South Korean capital was undertaken in Autumn 2010. Working in partnership with KAMS, Visiting Arts sought to enable participants to develop professional networks between Korea and the UK and encourage collaborative exchange in the performing arts between the two countries.



1mile2 Bradford - Gohar Dashti


GOHAR DASHTI Profile - guest edited by Kelly Carmichael
The latest in a series of innovative residencies sees Iranian photographer Gohar Dashti head to Bradford in the north of England for four weeks from late January 2011. Part of Visiting Arts’ 1mile² (www.square-mile.net) programme, her residency is supported by City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council and DCMS. While in residence at Impressions Gallery, Dashti will collaborate with ecologist Charlie Gray and lead a photographic mapping project with Bradford’s local community.

literature lab


Literature LAB - Writers Exchange 2010

Visiting Arts, West Dean College (West Sussex) worked together in inviting two poets who write in Arabic, to take part in a one week residency in the Sussex Downs for the first week of November 2010.

Nujoom al-Ghanem is an Emirati writer who combines popular writing with challenging contemporary verse. Fadhil al-Azzawi originally from Iraq, now based in Berlin, has developed an extraordinary international reputation for his perceptive and entertaining verse and performance.Nujoom and Fadhil participated in Poetry International at the South Bank Centre, London from Saturday 30 Oct to Sunday 7 Nov, where they discussed their practice as poets and they time at West Dean.

Below Greg Mosse writer, translator and creative writing teacher recalls his experience with the poets and their residency



1mile2 Smethwick

1mile² Smethwick

Sunday 7 November 12:00 – 14:00

Paul Stephenson from the Wildlife Trust and local artist Melanie Tomlinson will be leading a nature walk as part of 1mile² Smethwick. Join the walk and explore the plants, insects, animals found in the area during autumn and help us plan a route for a new permanent art & nature trail for Smethwick.

Image © Arif Mahmood 2009




1mile2 Bradford 2010 launches

1mile² Bradford 2010 launches Thursday 28 October

Impressions Gallery, ecologist Charlie Gray, photographer Gohar Dashti together with local people will explore the plants, people and cultures that make up the Little and Great Horton neighbourhoods of Bradford. Free workshops and events taking place between now and mid-December will include guided walks, photography workshops and discussions and take place at Impressions Gallery and around the square mile.

Find out more at the Open Day in the Studio at Impressions Gallery on 28 October 2010 from 11.30am to 2.00pm or contact sarahdeane@impressions-gallery.com or call Sarah Deane on 01274 737843.

Please see http://www.impressions-gallery.com/news/news.php?id=49 for more information

Image courtesy of Gohar Dashti



International Mobility


VA's European Information Officer, Christoph Jankowski talks about International mobility matters for the development of culture, creativity and best practise at home and abroad. First published in ArtsProfessional 221, 5 July 2010. www.artsprofessional.co.uk



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1mile² - Richard Layzell in Shanghai

UK based artist Richard Layzell talks about his experience in Shanghai as part of the 1mile² programme 2009.

working internationally


Tips for approaching UK galleries and curators for international visual artists

Part of our series of helpsheets which are useful starting points for anyone planning to present arts in the UK

tips_visual_arts.pdf29.93 KB

working internationally


Tips for approaching music producers and presenters in the UK

Part of our series of helpsheets which are useful starting points for anyone planning to present arts in the UK

tips_music.pdf36.1 KB

working internationally


Tips for approaching UK producers and presenters: Theatre & Dance

Part of our series of helpsheets which are useful starting points for anyone planning to present arts in the UK

tips_theatre_dance.pdf35.08 KB