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Natalia Palombo talks about her contribution to the VA Portfolio Management webinar

In May 2015, Natalia Palombo was invited to facilitate an online seminar on ‘The Art of Portfolio Management’ with Culture Works Connections Training Consultant, Kate McBain for the Ministry of Arts and Multiculturalism, Trinidad and Tobago. The session covered strategies for visual artists when seeking to effectively build, manage, present and use portfolios, online as well as offline; specifically for the purposes of broadening audiences for their work, engaging current and possible markets and pursuing collaborative opportunities at an international level. We asked Natalia to talk about the webinar session and to give us a little insight into some of the topics covered. Read on below to hear about her experience…


“Kate McBain and I delivered a wide-ranging lecture that focused on selection and consistency of arts portfolios to a large group of creative practitioners in Trinidad & Tobago. We had an energetic Q&A session following the lecture that allowed us to meet the practitioners and understand the concerns of the group according to their own personal practice. The main issues that were at the forefront of their minds were copyright and networking.

Throughout the lecture, Kate and I had stressed the importance of ‘putting yourself out there’ as a creative practitioner but also the notion of curating that public-facing image. One of the most valuable experiences I’ve had as a freelance producer, is the journey in which I took to come to understand my practice for myself and then as a result, consider carefully how to portray that cohesively for potential partners, funders and collaborators. Copyright, on the other hand, I am less precious about. I have always believed in trusting my peers, and trusting the sector. No one is able to contextualise your work better than you, so in the event of misuse, as far as I’m concerned, the damage is likely to be minimal.

I’m having a lot of fun putting together my World Cultures Connect profile. It is at a stage of development in terms of the user experience, but I think the premise for the platform is fantastic and one which could bridge the gap between current applications that either work to list your experience/activity, or those that are image-focused but information light! WCC provides space to promote your projects in a way that is authentic to the content, in an online environment that will allow you to access to the correct audiences for your work.“

Natalia Palombo is an arts producer with a focus on African contemporary visual art and film and contemporary British design. She has worked within the field of African contemporary arts for 6 years with organisations such as British Council, British Council South AfricaDepartment of Arts & Culture South AfricaGlasgow Film Festival (UK), Visiting Arts (UK), and Africa in Motion Film Festival as part of the managerial and directorial team. Palombo is one of the directors of MANY Studios and co-founder of The Telfer Gallery and is currently consulting on the film programmes for Africa in Motion Film Festival (UK) and FILM Sundays(Lagos, Nigeria). The most recent project CC Joburg | Glasgow is a public art project that connects the UK and South Africa through participation and play.

Connect with Natalia Palombo on World Cultures Connect.

This online seminar was supported by ACP Cultures +, the Ministry of the Arts and MulticulturalismThe Art Society of Trinidad & Tobago and Visiting Arts.

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