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Slovakia cultural profile launch

The Slovakia Cultural Profile is a joint initiative between Visiting Arts, British Council and the Ministry of Culture in Slovakia that was launched in Bratislava in March, as part of Visiting Arts’ growing collection of country Cultural Profiles.

Mr Maďarič stated that the profile “is a window for effective intercultural dialogue and another channel, which can showcase Slovak culture abroad.”

Whilst previous profiles have been solely in English, this is the first to be totally bilingual, with the content available both in English and Slovakian. A large team, both in Slovakia and the UK, worked on the content for over a year to produce unrivalled depth of knowledge about the cultural sector in Slovakia.

The launch took place in the University Library, Bratislava with Mr Marek Maďarič, Slovakian Minister of Culture, Andrew Spells, Director of British Council, Slovakia and Michael Roberts, British Ambassador to Slovakia, and was attended by over 100 dignitaries.  Mr Maďarič emphasized that the Cultural Profile is intended not only for professionals in the field, but is accessible without restriction to the general public: “It is a great aid in the promotion of Slovakia abroad especially in intercultural dialogue.”

The site contains more than 7,500 pages of information, reviews and articles, as well as 3,000 contacts at organizations that cover every area of art, culture and cultural heritage of Slovakia.

The launch of the project was featured on Slovakian First TV station’s main news programme. The Slovakian Cultural Profile is now online at

Image: Minister of Culture, Slovakia, Marek Maďarič, speaking to Slovakia TV about the Cultural Profile (Andy Kyriakides)

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