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Creative Tracks

Creative Tracks is a European partnership connecting networks of young entrepreneurs active in the cultural and creative sectors from all over the world and facilitating the creation of new networks. The project was launched by the European Parliament and its implementation is co-funded by the DG-EAC of the European Commission.

The platform launched in Belgium in November 2016 with b.creative - an international conference gathering more than 200 professionals from the cultural and creative sectors during KIKK Festival.

Creative Tracks is carried out by a consortium of 7 partners from 5 countries:
INOVA+ (PT, leader)
Visiting Arts (UK)
Librios (UK)
On-the-move (BE)
Roberto Cimetta Fund (FR)
Baltan Laboratories (NL)

Aware of the importance of increased cultural diversity and wider sharing of values, Creative Tracks aimed to create a platform to offer a wide array of services and events, unlocking a new generation of international creative entrepreneurs and accelerating their professional development.

Creative Track is committed to:
•Fostering opportunities for young creative entrepreneurs worldwide, connecting them and capacitating them to operate transnationally and internationally in the cultural and creative sectors.
•Providing relevant resources for entrepreneurs in creative and cultural industry.
•Fostering a culture of collaboration through interactive tools that seed this culture.
•Providing an innovative platform that engages networks of creative entrepreneurs, driving participation and sharing.

Creative Tracks seeks to enhance international and cross sectorial exchanges of experience, improving access of local culture practitioners/artists/creative professionals to networks around the world, allowing young creative entrepreneurs to share their concerns and discuss their different needs.


The core of the Creative Tracks network is the digital platform www.creativetracks.org connecting over 1800 entrepreneurs, networks and organisations from the creative and cultural industries from more than 150 countries and providing a variety of tools and services for their professional development.

During two years (December 2015 – December 2017), through an active online platform and the organization of two major b.creative conferences in Belgium and China, plus seven workshops in Europe, South America and Southern Africa, Creative Tracks has been connecting thousands of creative entrepreneurs worldwide, allowing new collaborations, encouraging innovative projects and cultural exchanges.

15 ambassadors were appointed as international contact points, supporting and building links with the network.

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Organisation of 5 workshops in Europe

Independent cultural entrepreneurs driving artistic creation – International Workshop – March 7th, 2017, Paris, France. Organised by partner Roberto Cimetta Fund. More info here.

Producers ́ Academy – International Workshop – May 16th 2017, Paris, France. Organised by partner On the Move.

Kick-Start Cardiff – International Workshop – October 16th to 19th 2017, Cardiff, UK. Organised by partner Visiting Arts. 

100 Days of Learning - International Workshop – across several months and including Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven, from 21 – 29 October. Organised by partner Baltan Laboratories. 

Tradição e Inovação: O potencial transformador das indústrias criativas – International Workshop – November 28th, Porto, Portugal. Organised by partner INOVA+. 

Organisation of 2 workshops in other countries

Criatividade e Empreendedorismo: um casal complicado? – International Workshop – June 23th and 24th 2017,  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Organised by partner INOVA+. More info here.

Criatividade e Empreendedorismo: Descobre o potencial das indústrias criativas! – International Workshop – September 14th and 15th 2017, Maputo, Mozambique. Organised by INOVA+. More info here.

Organization of a final conference

The final conference b.creative took place in Shanghai on the 15th November 2017, organized in the context of the High Level People to People Dialogue (HPPD) Summit on Education, Culture and Youth strengthening cultural relations between EU-China. b.creative Shanghai received strong support from the European Commission with the presence of Martine Reicherts, Director General for Education and Culture and Tibor Navracsics, EU Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sports, to award the winner of the b.creative challenge Aris Papadopoulos, representing LATRA. Around 200 participants from 30 countries attended the event with 25 guests from Europe, Asia and Africa invited by the project. 


Kick Start: Cardiff International Creative Entrepreneurship Conference

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