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Cultural Attaché Network

The cultural attaché network (CAN) promotes international collaboration with the UK arts and culture sector through a programme of networking, exchange and knowledge sharing opportunities.

Through the network cultural attachés can:

  • gain a wider understanding and knowledge of the UK arts and culture sector
  • be introduced to key organisations, initiatives and arts professionals
  • increase opportunities for creative and artistic exchange and collaboration
  • engage with colleagues with a shared remit on best practice and towards collectively advancing international cultural exchange

The cultural attache visit was very helpful and led to several productive programming cooperations" - Peter Millican, CEO, Kings’ Place

Events include short presentations on specific topics with opportunities for questions and networking; visits to organisations/ venues of interest; visits to cities/ regions linked to significant cultural events.

Get in touch to learn more about the network.

Visit to Scotland 2019

Visit to Scotland 2008

Visit to Liverpool Biennial 2010

Newsgathering: the inside story 2010