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What is World Cultures Connect (WCC)?
As the creative industries continue to expand, the need for greater global connectivity increases. Arts and cultural professionals require a place to promote their work and services, discover new talent and opportunities, make valuable connections and access insights into international work. World Cultures Connect is a new online solution developed by Visiting Arts, UK, Librios, UK, in partnership with the Resource Center for Cultural Engagement, USA, which answers these needs to advance the cultural industries worldwide and support international work.

How does WCC work?
WCC offers an authoritative source of cultural information including resources such as visa information, cultural directories and webinars on in-demand topics such as funding opportunities. As a member you are given a customizable profile page on WCC’s responsive, mobile ready website, where you can share in-depth information about your work, showcase media-rich content and follow news from an international arts network. Facilitating up-to-date international mobility news, WCC allows organizations and individuals to search and submit events, opportunities and jobs. Members can see the kind of artist or producer that is profiled by examples of the work, by the kind of connections they make, by endorsement by their peers and by following the kinds of venues, festivals or arts centers where they show their work. In the same way, artists wanting to show their work or to find new venues can match the venues and festivals to their work.

How does WCC differ from other professional networking sites?
WCC offers a large and growing database of the cultural infrastructure worldwide so that users can make new connections to enhance their networks and extend their tours or exhibitions by finding out more about the cultural offer of a country or region. It allows users to discover new work and artists and to develop new collaborations and partnerships.
At present, professional networking sites rely on confirmed connections between contacts to expand. WCC is fully searchable by art form, theme,country or name so that it is not reliant on an existing connection.

What is the scope of the network?
Access a fully searchable network of museums and heritage sites, performing companies and venues, visual arts, crafts, new media, design, literary organisations and professional services for artists and the cultural sector. WCC uses a global classification system that was built on UNESCO classifications and has been updated and modernized to suit the contemporary cultural field. The value of the global classification system is that users can compare “like with like” across the globe. At present, the many websites classify data according to very different scales and it is increasingly difficult to find work that fits your requirements by using the diversity of sites.

WCC also allows sub groups “communities of interest” to form and to share ideas and work. This could be a group of museum curators or conservators working on a joint project across the globe where details of the work may be sensitive; it could be a group of festival directors sharing ideas about new work and developing joint productions. While this activity is possible on other sites, the combination of the network with the directory means that discussion and research can be carried out on the same site providing a richer experience and saving time.

To register, visit www.worldculturesconnect.com

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