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1mile² ("square mile")  is a residency programme in which international artists create and connect interpretations of a place, its people, its ecology and diversity, devising ways for art to exist within both cultural and public infrastructures. The artists spend up to three months in a defined area, working collaboratively on a process of creative mapping with local artists, an ecologist, and local residents through workshops and field sessions.

1mile² inspires communities to explore the cultural and ecological diversity of their neighbourhoods through artistic engagement. Artists and ecologists collaborate and lead activity that enables vital dialogue and knowledge sharing within and between cultural and geographic communities.

To date the programme has involved 42 artists, 18 ecologists, 14 creative organisations and reached over 13 500 people in 10 countries. On December 14 2009 representatives from all ten 1mile² projects came together at Asia House in London for a sharing event

See the 2009 report.

• To inspire participation in the arts and enable learning opportunities for communities and artists
• To promote biodiversity and sustainability through increasing a shared understanding of our connected local and global environment
• To improve understanding between people of different cultures through increased dialogue and trust within and between communities
• To measure and promote a better understanding of the relationship between culture and the environment

The programme is delivered in partnership with local authorities and a range of cultural, environmental, regeneration and social cohesion organisations.


1mile² New Delhi

1mile² Tehran

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1mile² Cardiff

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