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Artist to Artist (2011)

Visiting Arts and The Delfina Foundation are pleased to announce the participants of Artist to Artist International 2011. Building upon 6 previous years of intensely personal exchanges between UK and international artists, the 2011 Artist to Artist programme sees Onya McCausland host Khaled Hafez (Egypt) and Gayle Chong Kwan host Ines Jerray (Tunisia).

Artist to Artist provides a unique opportunity to bring together pairs of geographically distant artists and initiate intercultural dialogue across international borders. The structure of the programme is tailored by the artists themselves and puts emphasis firmly on research and the exchange of ideas rather than production. With a focus on the Middle East and North Africa, Artist to Artist allows UK based artists to invite an artist to their home and studio for a two-week visit. Giving UK artists the opportunity to invite an artist of their choice from the Middle East or North Africa is a continuation of both organisations’ work to strengthen dialogue with this region. Coinciding as the project does with a time of intense focus on the Middle East and North African region, Artist to Artist is both timely and looks certain to reflect the energy of what’s been termed the ‘Arab spring’.

Khaled Hafez traveled from Cairo to meet Onya McCausland. They worked on a joint project stemming from their initial meeting 16 years ago at the Siwa Oasis in the Egyptian desert, after which they lost contact. The project explored the shifting identity of the self and its belonging; the artists explored the virtual universe of the Internet – something capable of reconnecting the authors of this project and also instigating a revolution in Egypt. Tunisian artist Ines Jerray visited Gayle Chong Kwan for a creative dialogue around ideas that cross-over and connect their work, focusing on animation as a means of exploring hybridization, the senses, cognition, memory, context, the body and landscapes of difference.

Between 31 March and 17 April 2011, the selected overseas artists visited the UK for one week together. During this time they visited their host’s studio, meet key contacts, network and exchange ideas. The Artist to Artist programme was accompanied by a series of events.

Artist to Artist International 2011 was supported by Arts Council England and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport.

Image – Petit Chantier, Ines Jerray