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Producers Visit to Infecting the City Festival, Cape Town (2010)

Visiting Arts led a delegation of nine practitioners on an inspiring week-long visit to Cape Town in February, 2010.

The first three days of the trip were a whirlwind tour of performances around the centre of the city, taking us to churches, monuments, shopping malls, street corners, gardens and public squares. The second day ended with Bill Gee, Andrew Mitchelson, and Bradley Hemmings on the couch with Brett Bailey for a critical discussion about festival curation, commissioning new performance in light of Infecting the City’s New Collaborative Works model.

Our visit also coincided with several other important events in the city including the launch of Theatre institute of the Netherlands’ 2 year exchange programme ‘Interactions’, Jan Ryan’s workshop for theatre practitioners and Micheal Kaiser’s workshop at the Baxter theatre. This was a wonderful boost to the audience for our sharing event hosted by the British Council at the District Six museum, where the theme of participation, engagement and development led to a debate with a range of heartfelt perspectives.

Our official itinerary ended with a stirring journey led by Sam Pearce of Ezmantsi carnival arts whose talented young artists in the Township of Oceanview performed a showcase of their dance and music.

Our hosts, Mike Van Graan, Tanner Methvin, Brett Bailey and Sam Pearce were incredibly gracious and provided a huge amount of food for thought and inspired discourses which our delegation will continue with colleagues in the UK.

The public sharing of the groups experiences will be a must see event and the date will be announced in the next newletter. Articles on the groups’ experiences will be published in the coming months.

I got back on Monday from a really excellent research trip to Cape Town that was directed by Sabrina Smith-Noble of Visiting Arts. It was one of the most interesting international research trips I have ever had the privilege to be part of. Bill Gee, Producer


Thanks so much for all of your energy, guidance and time in Cape Town. I found the trip truly inspirational, complex and hopefully have made several connections that I’m keen to keep moving forwards. Andrew Mitchelson, Live Art Network


Thank YOU for the fantastic opportunity you gave eMzantsi to showcase just a smidgen of our work to such a fabulous array of inspiring artists. I still can’t quite believe that an organisation such as yours exists – it’s like you’re a fairy godmother just going around giving priceless gifts to all of us! – Sam Pearce