Taiwan-UK exchange

Taiwan-UK exchange

The Taiwan-England Artists Fellowship Programme was a joint initiative between Visiting Arts, the Council for Cultural Affairs Taiwan, British Council Taiwan and Arts Council England. It aimed to establish an exchange between artists from Taiwan and England who are engaged in contemporary arts practice in the fields of visual and performing arts, which will lead to the growth of sustainable cultural links between the two countries. These Fellowships create the opportunity for the artists to undertake a three-month residency and to grow their artistic practice by developing new work, interacting with local artists and extending professional contacts.

Dancer Kao Peiling took up her residency at Independent Dance, based at the Siobhan Davis Dance Studio, London.
Visual artist Agi Chen took up her residency at Loughborough University as part of the RADAR programme.
Susan Stockwell travelled to Taipei to take up a three month residency at the Taipei Artists Village.

Nai Hsuan Yang (Sunny), a dancer and choreographer from Taipei, was resident at Laban, London during January to April 2006. Sunny has a background in classical ballet, Chinese dance, folk dance, modern dance and improvisation and works in a variety of art forms using a wide range of influences used her residency to develop her choreographic practice.
Chi-Tsung Wu, a digital media artist from Taipei, was resident at Site Gallery, Sheffield during February to May 2006. Chi-Tsung works with video and photography and the processes which are needed to create "images". He was also shortlisted for the 2006 Artes Mundi prize in Wales.
Joumana Mourad, a choreographer and dancer from London, was resident at Taipei Artist Village during February to May 2006. Joumana's company ijad dance develops work where there are no limits between dance, space, film and technology and aims to raise the profile of multimedia dance culture.
Paul Sermon a digital media artist from Manchester was resident at Taipei Artist Village during February to May 2006. Paul's work in the field of 'telematic art' explores the emergence of user-determined narrative between remote participants brought together within a shared 'telepresent' environment.

Taiwan artists in England
"The body is the final boundary of existing space, and is sometimes also the place where the media world and the pulse of biology encounter each other."
Hsu Su-chen (digital arts), hosted by at the Media Centre, Huddersfield
"I understand that music as a form of art is a tool for people to communicate and to reach out with. It changes according to differences in culture, technology or current attitudes. One thing that never changes is that we are looking for some kind of connection and expression of our deep inner world."
Chen Yong (music), hosted by The Sage, Gateshead
"Devoting myself in dance, it likes to manage my own soul. It is a lifetime responsibility... most of my works were inspired from observations of life, personal experience and my insight toward my surroundings."
Shu Fen Yao (dance), hosted by Dance City, Newcastle Upon Tyne
UK artists in residence at the Taipei Artist Village
"I am most interested in the way art reflects its environment, and indeed the way a culture can be assimilated, disseminated and reflected back as art."
Jeroen Speak (music)
"I have always cherished the desire to break the surface of film. To me film is a paradox of entirely constructed artificial worlds made from photo reality. I wish to explode this deception, tear holes in the fabric and look at the secrets within."
Daniel Saul (digital art)
"The human body is a mysterious being with oppositional pulls in his moods, thinking pattern, body language and behaviour. This becomes fascinating clay to play with allowing placement of states; juxtaposition and jigsaw puzzle like manipulation in order to express the world we live in."
Andreas Constantinou (dance)

Images: Chi-Tsung Wu, He bought her an umbrella… Self-portrait, 2004; Agi Chen, Messenger, solo exhibition in IT Park, Taipei, summer 2007.