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Afghanistan Cultural Profile Re-Launch

The Afghanistan Cultural Profile is a comprehensive English-language guide to arts and cultural organisations in Afghanistan.

Targeted at cultural professionals, the Afghanistan Cultural Profile offers a sector-by-sector guide to the arts, media, libraries, archives and tourism sectors in Afghanistan which is also useful to cultural tourists. Each sectoral overview is combined with a database of contact organisations, making it possible for the reader not only to learn about what is happening in a particular cultural sector, but also to make direct contact with the people working in it.
Entries in the database are free of charge. Organisations already represented in the Afghanistan Cultural Profile are expected to update their entries as the need arises. Organisations active in the cultural sector in Afghanistan which are not yet represented in the Afghanistan Cultural Profile are welcome to contact the Project Officer, Shafiq Mashal, for information on how to receive an entry –

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Image : Khwaja Parsa Mosque, Balkh by AKTC

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