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WCC Creative Skills workshops come to the Pacific

The Culture Works Connections, programme is hosting workshops from 5- 7 April 2016 at the Fiji Museum in Suva, connecting artists across the Pacific to international networks. The programme is led by Visiting Arts, in partnership with The Pacific Arts and Culture Foundation in Suva, Fiji and involves intensive workshop sessions led by internationally renowned Festival Director, Jonathan Holloway, and Letila Mitchell, who is founder of the Pacific Arts Alliance, and previously Director of the Fiji Arts Council.

Jonathan Holloway has led festivals in Perth Australia and in Norwich UK before becoming the current Director of the Melbourne Festival. His intensive workshops are designed to increase artists’ and creative practitioners’ ability to work internationally. He will talk about what Festival Directors are looking for and how best to get the attention of international promoters. The workshops will also build awareness and knowledge of the platforms, tools and opportunities that exist for communicating and promoting their work to local and international audiences and partners.

The Culture Works Connections initiative is funded by the ACP Cultures+ ACP-EU Support Programme to ACP Cultural Sectors, financed by the European Union and implemented by the ACP Group of States.  It aims to build a community and lasting network of creative businesses in more than fifteen countries in the Pacific, the Caribbean and Africa over three years from 2014-2017.

Find photos from the training intensive on Facebook and keep up to date with the participants news on WCC. Follow the programme on Twitter using the hashtag #WCCtraining.

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