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Unnatural Selection by Chen Hangfeng

Shanghai-based artist Chen Hangfeng was selected to participate in 1mile² Bradford 2009. His exhibition Unnatural Selection is now on at Cartwright Hall.

Hangfeng has recently returned to Bradford for his first UK solo exhibition which includes paper cuts, rugs and the Xmas tree from his Logomania series, as well as film and video installation. Much of his earlier work mixes and manipulates corporate logos and traditional Chinese symbols through intricate cut-outs that respond both to the era of mega-businesses and his own ancient heritage. As a graphic designer Hangfeng has created logos almost as often as he’s satirised them, which may be why his non-corporate work is as witty, aesthetically compelling and subtle as the best commercial advertising. Nowhere is this more apparent than in his 2008 work The Last Supper: Fast Food where chickens are filmed gradually pecking away an image of Colonel Sanders made on the ground with rice.

Later works such as Wind from West and Invasive Species were inspired by his time in Bradford and through conversations and collaborations with 1mile² Bradford ecologist Charlie Gray. Wind from West is a series of well-known Chinese plants inspired by traditional Chinese botanical ink paintings but created using recycled carrier bags delicately pinned in place to allow them to move to the breeze created by miniature fans.

1mile² Bradford
 is part of an international network of participatory projects that invites people to explore the cultures and ecology of their neighbourhoods through artistic engagement. Since 2009, 14 cities and over 15 000 people have taken part.  Alongside the exhibition, Hangfeng led workshops for local people, students and school children in a programme supported by City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council and the University of Bradford.

The exhibition runs until 26th February 2012.

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